Data Quality – Assuming the Best about your Data could leave you Out of Pocket

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Data Quality – Assuming the Best about your Data could leave you Out of Pocket

If the data you hold isn’t up to scratch you risk not only wasting time and money on marketing initiatives, but you could even get fined. With new TCPA regulations ruling out certain types of calls to mobiles you need to be 100% on top of your data when it comes to outbound telemarketing practices.

This is not a good time to put your head in the sand when it comes to data

As the amount of data out there grows the risk of data error has risen exponentially. Big data brings big challenges and a change in mindset about how to manage it. Naturally you’re keen to make use of the new insights brought by the influx of data, but unless you can be certain your data is up to date and compliant it’s not getting you a competitive advantage.

RealPhoneValidation can make your numbers work

RealPhoneValidation is a RealValidation flagship product that can verify, scrub and check the compliance of your data. It can handle large quantities of information, alerting you to ‘disconnects’ and risky numbers before you pass the data on either to your own sales team or to a customer. RealPhoneValidation developed a phone validator service as an in-house product so we could guarantee our customers got great data from us. It worked so well we decided to offer it as a service to other companies to enable them to up the quality of their data too.

What can RealPhoneValidation tell you?

  • Connect/Disconnect – Our phone validator service can tell you whether a phone number is still connected – basic but essential. And it can do this to an incredible degree of accuracy ensuring that over 98% of the calls you place are to connected lines. This takes you way above the industry standard whereby at least 30% of the leads you call are disconnected. Your sales team will really thank you for this – and so will your bottom line.
  • Batch/Real Time – You can choose real-time phone number validation or batch number validation – the choice is yours. If you have a lot of data to process batch validation is the common-sense way forward.
  • WirelessID – RealPhoneValidation will ensure you don’t place any illegal calls to mobile phones since it can identify whether a number is cell or landline, even when a mobile is in stealth mode. Since the new regulations mean you have to routinely check whether the numbers you hold are landline or mobile you need to get your house in order data-wise. RealPhoneValidation can help you do this, cost-effectively and effortlessly.
  • Phone Registration – RealPhoneValidation can make sure you’re getting in touch with the right people by checking who is associated with the number. Validation, reverse lookups, and phone appends can all be performed by our powerful databases.

Don’t let your company run risks when it comes to data

Some companies are willing to take a risk when it comes to their data, and opt to assume that their data quality ‘will do’. But skipping data validation is a bad idea, since it can leave not only your reputation in tatters but your company seriously out of pocket.