PRESS RELEASE: Phone Validation Service with 98% Accuracy To Unveil ‘Turbo’ and ‘Throttle’ at LeadsCon 2014

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turbo-stopwatch-300PRESS RELEASE

Clearwater, FL | March 16, 2014

Phone Validation Service with 98% Accuracy To Unveil ‘Turbo’ and ‘Throttle’ at LeadsCon 2014

RealPhoneValidation (RPV) is an essential new tool for companies that rely on accurate, up to date phone data. It works by combining state of the art telephony technology together with a seamless API and web interface to quickly verify phone connectivity.

By providing a product that vastly outperforms the industry standard of 75% accuracy, RealPhoneValidation is able to truly eliminate a problem that has plagued the industry for years.

So how do you improve on a service that is already delivering 98% accuracy? Make it faster!

RPV Turbo: Determines connectivity in a flash and you get the industry best in phone verification of connect/disconnect information back in under 2 seconds.

RPV Throttle: Combines the standard RPV product with RPV Turbo to deliver the highest level of connect/disconnect accuracy in the time set by the client.  

RealPhoneValidation is currently offering 250 trial validations for a limited time; so prospective clients can see this essential tool in action.

To learn more visit, or stop by Booth #235 at LeadsCon.

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About RealPhoneValidation: 

Built for those in the ‘contact’ industry, RealPhoneValidation is an API and batch processing service that is as simple as the name – it really validates phones. To find out more, go to