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Phone appendReal Phone Validation – Phone Append

RealPhoneValidation has staked its claim to fame on its unique, patent pending phone disconnect identification service.  Since March of 2013, we’ve enabled users of our API and batch processes to start identifying their bad numbers for a bevy of reason. RealPhoneValidation now sets the industry standard when it comes to providing automated scrubbing of disconnected phones in real time with an impressive 98% accuracy. While other platforms focus on just overall lead quality we dig deeper to get you definitive, actionable intelligence on phone connectivity.

Real Phone Validation – a necessity not a luxury

Customers who have implemented RPV as part of their business processes say they can’t imagine life without it. In fact they told us they want more services to take their data to the next stage. We listened. And after doing lots of homework, we’re proud to present our new phone append service, which like RealPhoneValidation outperforms the current market standard. With phone append you can add current, permission-based information to your database of customer prospects, which will increase your marketing options and customer retention benefits.

Our phone append system delivers data more accurately than before utilizing a process which significantly outpaces the market. By using heavy analytics and predictive modeling we have come up with a technique that can provide the greatest number of highly accurate appends and a considerable match rate improvement than that which is currently available.

RealPhoneValidation plus phone append for the most accurate results

Our phone append solution is exceptionally accurate, and can get you straight appends or you can combine appends with our flagship product RealPhoneValidation. It’s up to you – on all levels you will get more accurate data as a result.

Using both Real Phone Validation and Phone Append gets you the best of both worlds as verified connected phones plus high level matches get you top quality appends. Phone Append will allow for better targeting enabling you to close more sales. It allows you to

  • •Salvage incomplete leads, quickly correct inaccuracies, and stop paying for bogus data
  • •Append in batch and real time API services, with batch processing most effective for bulk data appending.
  • •Use Append and Validation leads together to get verified premium append, a powerful premium append service.

By putting pulled phone appends through RealPhoneValidation we can deliver the most targeted, contactable append data on the market. This super premium service is designed to give you back data you can use without wasting any of your precious time.