RealPhoneValidation versus the Competition

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RealPhoneValidation versus the Competition

RealPhoneValidation is a service which was born out of one company’s determination to clean up their leads, without all of the hassle. RealPhoneValidation came along as a service of VOISYS, which has been in the internet lead IVR systems business for a good long time.  We tried everything on the market, and were not impressed.  We were tossing organic leads. Let me say that again: the best products in the industry were telling us that good (expensive) leads had disconnected phones.

As a result, a natural lead generation problem turned into an opportunity to provide a solution – first in house, then outside.

Using VOISYS’s house of telco engineers, we decided to have our own little Manhattan Project and create something that could greatly affect our ability to provide only the best leads to our customers.

Plain and simple, we tested the big names (try Google searching ‘phone validation’) and found the best comes in around 83% accuracy on very large batch tests.

How does RealPhoneValidation phone verification differ?

Our Telco guys came up with methods that gave us thoroughly detailed data to properly score your leads with RealPhoneValidation, we provide six codes to tell you what’s going on with those phones you own (or are about to buy):

  • Connected
  • Disconnected
  • Busy
  • Restricted – A phone that doesn’t accept incoming calls
  • Disconnected-70 (A pool of phone numbers that is disconnected 70% of the time on average)
  • Disconnected-85 (A pool of phone numbers that is disconnected 85% of the time on average)

Basically the Connected’s are over 99% connected, the Disconnected’s are over 98% disconnected, Busy’s are a little worse than regular Connected’s, Restricted’s are rare, and the intermediate disconnected flags are relatively accurate to what they are described as. Download our “We Dialer 10,000 Numbers…”  white paper to get more of the details.

We effectively identify about half of real disconnected lines as Disconnected. The vast bulk of the others fall into the intermediate codes, which allow you to decide what your acceptable loss ratio is.

Are you leaving good leads (money) on the table?

Think about this: How much are you leaving on the table by using validation methods that everyone else uses?  There is a huge amount of mis-priced data on the market, simply because the current standard validation methods tell us the wrong story.  Our goal is to make sure you don’t only get the right data, but that you also do so at the right effective price.

We look forward to hearing more about your problems in the lead generation world, and what we can do to help.  Our products are there to handle lead scoring, TCPA compliance, phone appends, and a wide array of lead management issues.

Contact us to run a batch of previously validated numbers and compare the results for yourself.