There’s Nothing More Accurate Than RPV Phone Number Validation

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There’s Nothing More Accurate Than RPV Phone Number Validation 

Companies rely on accuracy in many areas of business.  Charging the right price for products and services should be accurate in order to produce a profitable transaction.  Hiring processes and compensation packages should be accurate to ensure getting the right team on board and avoiding any employment liability issues.  And paying accurately fair prices to vendors for services needed is a must in order to continue to provide for your customers.  But an area of business that is often overlooked is the accuracy of customer contacts.  Without accurate contacts, precision in the other aspects of business becomes unnecessary because eventually without customer contact, the other tasks don’t exist.

The phone number is the first place to enforce accuracy.

If a leads list isn’t “clean” or accurate, you are losing business opportunities.  It’s been reported that up to 18% of all telephone numbers change every year.  That is an amazing statistic when you consider the amount of time, money, and effort that is put into sales calls in order to convert a prospect into a customer.  Chasing phantom numbers that lead to dead-ends is not the reason you acquired the list of leads to begin with.  One of the surest ways to verify the accuracy of your customer data is by using a phone number validation service.  Phone number validation increases the authenticity of your contact database, which improves communication with your customers.   Unfortunately, not all phone validation services are alike.  Some make promises they can’t deliver and others just aren’t accurate in their validation process.  In fact, the industry standard is 75-80% accuracy, but only a few hit that mark.

RealPhoneValidation is the only phone number validation service that offers 98% or greater accuracy in validating your contact list (read our whitepaper “We hand dialed 10,000 numbers” and find out how Total Verification works).  Businesses don’t exist without customers and customers cannot be reached if you don’t have an accurate list of leads.  Verifying the contact list at a higher degree of accuracy gives peace of mind that you won’t be paying for someone to dial a bad number; or that you can stop wondering why your contact rate is so poor.  These numbers need to be identified and replaced to maximize the efficiency of your shop.  The only work now is selling the products and services you believe will be needed by those on your list.  Competitors may offer services that claim the ability to identify bad lines, but put RealPhoneValidation to the test, and you will see the differences.

Whether you are a provider of leads or a business that relies on quality leads, validation of phone contacts is simply smart business.

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