How RPV Solved VOISYS’s Disconnected Phone Numbers Problem

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How RPV Solved VOISYS’s Disconnected Phone Numbers Problem

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The Disconnected Phone Numbers Problem: VOISYS had a serious issue: Lead affiliates kept sending through garbage, and they were left holding the bag. Their buyers knew they had good leads, but all of the disconnected phone numbers left them in a lurch. The buyers thought they were trying to push crap on them to improve their bottom line.

Solution #1:

VOISYS went out and tried them all: Targus, Telesign, eBureau, etc. You name it, they tried it. The buyers kept saying, “you guys are still sending us crap!” Nothing did phone disconnect effectively.

You look at the actual accuracy rates of the match services, and here’s what we saw: 70-80% accuracy. It was better than doing nothing, but when you actually picked up a phone and dialed it, it was still a crap shoot.


Upset buyers

Solution #2:

VOISYS used a call center to validate them before sending them on. It was accurate, but very, very slow. So data didn’t work, and a live body didn’t work. At least the live body was generally 99% accurate, but now you had a team of people just calling numbers to inform them that their lead had been received. What did it end up costing to manually dial? Besides the lost conversion rate on the time to submit, you were also talking about effectively adding a quarter to the real cost of the lead.


Lower conversion

Solution #3:

We knew there was an answer, and that – as usual – automation was going to be key. This is the new internet, aligning automated processes using physical services with online and database procedures. We started doing everything we could to mine the behavior of the telephone in all of its signaling depth to start pulling out the most accurate information possible. We started analyzing the codes that were returned. We began to start sending different kinds of signals along the telephony networks. We started layering our processes. All of a sudden, we weren’t just dialing a number, we were hitting the signaling layer with more accurate and more effective techniques, and were pulling back REAL results in REAL time. All of a sudden, VOISYS had a product that allowed them to get rid of the call center, and just start sending through connected leads. RealPhoneValidation went live.


The sweet sound of quiet, retention, and sales. Goodbye quality complaints.

Here’s how RealPhoneValidation is working today:

Identification of connect/disconnect is over 98% accurate

The greatest part is that the identification of connect/disconnect is over 99% accurate!
The problem is cleared out, and you are left with none of the disconnected phone numbers from before. If you’re a lead generator, now you can get ahead of the curve, and immediately contact the people who didn’t enter a real phone number. You can simply send them an email to follow up, and push them to enter their real number (or correct the one they entered).

RealPhoneValidation is committed to constantly improving these figures. We understand you need a faster, more accurate product at all times, and our telecom engineers are constantly mining the data, and determining more efficient mechanisms to drive down times, and drive up accuracy.

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