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Identify Disconnected and Invalid Numbers Using Live Telco Data

Validate phone numbers in real time for up-to-the-minute accuracy

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Phone Number Validation API or Batch Phone List Cleaning

Verify a phone number at point of entry and eliminate disconnected numbers before they enter your database. Scrub a phone list before starting a campaign to check if phone number is active and identify number type and carrier.

Phone validation service lets you know if number is active plus landline or cell carrier lookup
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Which Plan is Best for You?


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How Real Phone Validation Works

How Real Phone Validation Works

Phone validation service. Carrier lookup. Identify disconnected numbers, landline or cell, caller ID. API and phone list validation.

Real Phone Validation identifies disconnected and invalid phone numbers. Our real-time service pings the phone switch and uses the live telco data to check landline and mobile number active status.

Real-time Phone Number Validation API

Our API directly integrates into your forms by linking to our simple and secure online service. This allows you to validate phone numbers at the point-of-entry, before entering your database.

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Batch Phone List Validation

Validate phone lists in bulk, as needed, using our automated drag and drop service or via secure FTP web service. Scrub your database from disconnected phone numbers and focus on real contactable people.

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API or Batch – The process is simple: Give us the number; we provide the details.
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Real Phone Validation Services

Features of Real Phone Validation

Phone Number Validation

Real Phone Validation instantly improves your data by identifying disconnected, un-contactable phone numbers. Try the most accurate Phone Validator service available >

Phone Carrier Lookup

Validate prospects by obtaining details about their phone carrier. Flag numbers from carriers connected with fraud upfront. Only need the carrier and phone type? Try Phone Carrier Lookup >

Wireless ID – Landline or Cell ?

Determine if a number is a landline, VoIP, or mobile. Verify cell phone numbers to reduce undelivered messages and ensure TCPA compliance. Just need to know if it’s a cell or landline? Try Wireless ID phone type lookup >

DNC Check

Checks federal, states, and DMA do not calls lists plus returns if the number is associated with a known litigator. Stay TCPA compliant. Find out more about how to check if a number is on the do not call list >

Benefits of using Real Phone Validation

Benefits of using Real Phone Validation

  • Volume based, pay-as-you-go pricing. No contracts; No up front fees.
  • Secure and encrypted data connections to the API via industry-standard HTTPS
  • Easy to use customer portal with drag and drop file submission
  • Fast, responsive, and courteous tech and customer support
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly usage stats

Depend on outgoing calls or texts? Phone data quality can have large impact on your bottom line.

Some of the industries that use phone validation to improve their business

Phone number validation is a critical tool for marketing firms to ensure that their campaigns are able to reach their target audience. As for the communications industry, it’s all in the name. Communications companies partner with Real Phone Validation to handle the task of making sure contact information stays up to date and that new information is valid. This way they can focus on facilitating communications instead of dealing with dirty data.
Call centers are the engines that drive entire industries. From marketing and customer service to charity and market research, call centers are the heart of it all. And what fuels these engines? Valid phone numbers. Without these call centers just don’t run. Real Phone Validation helps maximize the value of call centers by reducing operator inefficiency caused by bad data.
Good contact is essential for service industries to ensure that customers have a smooth and pleasant experience. This is especially true of the travel industry. Keeping in touch with customers to notify them of any changes in their travel plans is a must. This is where Real Phone Validation can help by verifying contact information.
When something goes wrong it is important to know you’re covered. This is a valuable service that insurance companies provide. If an insurance company cannot reach its customer base then they can’t provide this service. To make sure this never occurs, Real Phone Validation is here to keep the insurance companies connected to their customers.
Everyone loves shopping, many customers like to receive alerts when a big sale or special is taking place. Real Phone Validation makes it easy for retail companies to stay in touch with consumers and stay compliant with TCPA regulations by updating identifying phone line type (landline or mobile) and validating new information in real time.
Utility companies rely on a recurring relationship with their customers. That’s why it is so important that their communication channels are maintained. Real Phone Validation is here to make sure utility companies can stay in contact with customers when they move or get in contact with new customers once they enter their service area.
For years now Financial companies have relied on Real Phone Validation to ensure the leads they buy are valid using our ping post validation. Financial services customers also use validation of web forms via API to ensure that customers enter legitimate contact information. All of this helps these companies to communicate with their clients and to reduce incidences of fraud.
The government is a massive machine that requires an even larger communications network to keep it running. Real Phone Validation works with federal, state, & local government agencies to refresh lists and validate information collection in realtime across any channel.
It’s critical for health care providers to be able to collect accurate data to keep in contact with their patients at any time in order to best serve them. Real Phone Validation helps facilitate communications between medical practitioners and patients by ensuring that the most up to date contact information is collected.
The public and private universities of the world are an integral part of their communities. It’s important that they are able to connect with students past, present and future. Real Phone Validation helps educational institutions collect valid numbers in their admissions database and eliminate invalid and outdated information in their alumni database.
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RealPhoneValidation 3rd Party Integrations

Use one of our supported Integrations to easily link your account to 3rd party apps.

Twilio phone validation integration
Salesforce phone validation integration
Integrate RealPhoneValidation services into your apps via Zapier
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