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Our US Phone Validator services blend real-time carrier and telco switch data with our proprietary AI analysis to provide the most accurate phone number validation available—100% TCPA-compliant. Additionally, we offer a free phone validation tool for users to try verifying phone numbers with high accuracy, check if a phone number is real and active, and identify carrier name and line type.

RealPhoneValidation offers a range of phone number validation options, all accessible via API or batch processing.

Our demo uses Turbo V3 and includes:
• connection status
• carrier lookup
• phone type (landline, mobile, or VoIP)
• subscriber name (when available)
• subscriber type (business or consumer)

Only need to know if the number is connected? Try Scrub.

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Try Turbo V3 Phone Validator Tool

Try up to 5 phone number validation requests with our phone number validator tool.

Example number format (813) 555-1212

Discover the Ideal Phone Validation Plan for You:

Use Phone Validator API for real-time form validation or Bulk Phone Number Validation for lists.

Using a phone validator API at point of entry can identify disconnected numbers before they enter your ecosystem.

Phone data quality matters only two times: when it is created and when it is used.

The quickest way to improve your conversion rates at both times is to validate the numbers.
JoAnn Fitzpatrick, RealValidation COO

RealPhoneValidation’s Phone Validator is your ultimate solution for accurate and efficient phone number validation. Our tool is designed to cater to diverse needs, whether you’re verifying customer data, enhancing your marketing strategies, or safeguarding against fraud.

What is Phone Validation?

Selecting a provider for phone number validation can be confusing because many services use the terms valid, active, and connected interchangeably. This can make it hard to compare apples to apples when looking for a phone validator.

See the definitions below to help you determine the best phone validation service for your needs:

Connected / Disconnected: The number belongs to someone and is in service, or it is out of service.

RealPhoneValidation’s Phone Validator is the industry’s most accurate phone number validation service. Accessing live telco data, RPV Turbo makes up to 4 inquiries to provide true real-time connected/disconnected dispositions.

Active / Inactive: The number has been assigned to a phone carrier (does not mean the carrier has assigned to a person) / The number has not been assigned to a carrier.

Valid / Invalid: The number complies with the North American Number Plan Association (NANPA) / The number is not compliant with NANPA.

Phone Number Verification: The most common type of phone number verification is to send a code via a call with a recording or text message, which they would enter into a form before continuing.

Four Key Benefits of Phone Number Validation

Enhanced Connectivity:

Validating phone numbers ensures you have updated contact details for effective customer communication through calls or texts.

Regulatory Compliance:

By understanding the type of phone (landline, mobile, VoIP) you’re contacting, phone number validation helps you adhere to local and federal telemarketing and text message marketing regulations.

Boosted Efficiency:

Verifying phone numbers can accelerate sales and customer service processes, minimizing time spent on inactive or incorrect numbers. Identifying and removing invalid phone numbers from your database helps improve data accuracy, reduce costs, and save time.

Improved Messaging Strategy:

Validate phone numbers to avoid sending text messages to landlines, which makes your text message marketing more effective.

How to Start Bulk Validating Phone Numbers

First, log in to the customer portal
If you don’t have an account yet, start a trial here.

Second, navigate to the Validation tab.
The validation tab is accessible from the menu on the left or the icon at the top of the page.

Select the validation method you would like to use from the dropdown menu.
A brief description of each service and price per validation follows the service name.

Review the file submission guidelines below the dropdown
Your phone numbers list should contain only a single-column .csv file with 10-digit numbers. For complete Phone Validation documentation, see RPV Turbo API or batch instructions.

Then, submit your file.
You can select the file and browse for your file or drag and drop.

How to submit file for phone validation

Finally, the validated file will be emailed to you.
Files are processed as received. Your file should be returned anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes, depending on volume. If you do not receive your file after 30 minutes, please check your spam folder and whitelist to ensure you receive files in the future.

Integrate our Phone Validator API directly or using your favorite apps.

Connect directly or by using one of these great services.

Integrate RealPhoneValidation into your web form
Connect Direct

All RealPhoneValidation APIs integrate directly into almost any CRM, Ping Post service, dialer, app, web form, or other system that allows 3rd party API connections.

Twilio phone validation

Twilio powers personalized interactions and trusted global communications to connect you with customers. Connect your Twilio account to RPV Turbo through the add-on marketplace.

Validate numbers through zapier
Connect to 1000’s
of apps

Add phone number validation to your apps—easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically so you can focus on your most important work.

Salesforce phone number validator app
Tigerface Systems

Tigerface Systems Phone Validation app is an AppExchange product for Salesforce Lightning and Classic, which allows users to validate phone numbers on Account, Contact, Lead, and other Standard or Custom Object records.

Pipedrive phone validation

Sales pipeline and CRM for deal makers. PipeDrive is an all-in-one sales platform for growing revenue. Adding phone number verification at the point of entry will save valuable time and resources.

Integrately phone number validator

Automate your workflows. Integrately connects your web apps seamlessly – from Google Sheets to Hubspot and 648 other apps. So you can focus on your most important work. Add a phone number checker to your favorite apps and check numbers upfront.

Firmao phone validation

CRM/PMS/WMS systems that are an alternative for Hubspot, Pipedrive, Asana, Slack.

Zoho phone number validation

Zoho is a complete CRM Platform – End-to-end, fully customizable CRM solution for growing businesses and enterprises.

Phone Validator

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