RealPhoneValidation API Best Practices

We built our API’s to be easy to implement and fast to use. You can view complete documentation for each for our API’s here, but we also wanted to give you this best practices checklist. Following these tried-and-true techniques will ensure optimal API performance.

  • Never share or publish your API token insecurely.

    Don’t email API tokens or publish them publicly. If you feel your token has been potentially compromised you can regenerate a new one on the validation page of

  • For optimal reporting use a different API token for each domain or user.

    By creating a dedicated account for each API integration each account will be assigned a unique token. This will make reporting simple and uncomplicated, since you’ll easily be able to see the number of validations per domain or user. Please contact support if you are interested in setting up multiple accounts. Support

  • Whitelist in your email client.

    This will ensure you receive important information such as scheduled system maintenance or API updates. How to whitelist email

  • Create a Short Term Data Cache

    If you are using the RealPhoneValidation API’s to collect leads from web forms or using a ping-post system to buy leads we recommend caching anywhere from 2 to 7 days worth of submitted numbers. This will prevent you from being charged for accidental resubmits. Github

  • Monitor HTTP codes

    If there is a HTTP code that is NOT 200, you should accept the lead. A non HTTP 200 code can be caused by a couple of things:

    1) Our service is down - we run on AWS which has an uptime of 99.95% so although very unlikely it could happen and we would not want you to lose good leads because of us.

    2) You are being temporarily throttled because you are exceeding the recommended 10/sec API calls. A temporary block will return an HTTP 403.

  • Use SSL for all requests.

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