Fraud Risk Scoring

Fraud Risk Scoring – Phone Reputation Score

Phone Reputation Scoring in Real Time

Fraud Check Delivers a Risk Assessment or Reputation Score

Fraud Check delivers real-time security intelligence and data on telephone numbers. Covering the US and international markets allows greater certainty and protection from fraudsters. Your lookup is done using live data. As a result, outdated information and stale databases don’t impact the fraud risk scoring.

The score is based on telecom data, traffic patterns, and previously reported fraud. Scores range from 0 to 1000 and include recommended risk levels. Ultimately, this allows you to block, notify, or allow.

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Phone Fraud Risk Score Lookup Tool

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Benefits of Knowing a Phone Number Reputation Score

First, a fraud check gathers details on telephone numbers to assess the risk.
Provides data-driven risk assessment score. As a result, you can choose the appropriate action: block, notify, or allow

Assesses risk by reviewing historical data
Includes past prior fraudulent usage coupled with network-wide abnormality detection.

Identifies Phone Type
Knowing the type of phone (landline, cell, or VoIP) allows you to reach the recipient through the right channel.

Reduces Spam and Fraud
Because not all carriers are created equally, Fraud Check helps identify carriers. As a result, you can then flag carriers commonly associated with fraud and add additional checkpoints.

Fraud Risk Scoring Improves Your Data Quality

All things considered, registration fraud is spreading. Similarly, people and robots are signing up for fake accounts on web and mobile apps at a record pace. Furthermore, these accounts are often used for social spam—such as driving affiliate traffic, malware proliferation, or promoting other websites. It is important to realize this activity can damage brand reputation and user growth.

How to Use Fraud Check Batch Processing

First, log in to the customer portal
If you don’t have an account yet, start a trial here.

Second, navigate to the Validation tab.
The validation tab can be reached from the menu on the left or the icon at the top of the page.

Then select Fraud Check.
Fraud Check is located in the Select Validation Method dropdown menu.

Next, review the file submission guidelines below the dropdown
For complete Fraud Check documentation, see Fraud Check API or batch instructions.

Then, submit your file.
You can select the file and browse for your file or simply drag and drop.

How to use Fraud Risk Scoring tool

Finally, the validated file will be emailed to you.
Files are processed as received. Your file should be returned anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes, depending on volume. If you do not receive your file after 30 minutes, please check your spam folder and whitelist to ensure you receive files in the future.

Try Fraud Risk Scoring Service First

In addition to Fraud Check, starting a trial account gives you access to Phone Number Validation, Do Not Call Lookup, and more. As soon as your account is activated, you can start validating. You can manually check a number, submit a batch, or integrate the API to see how it performs on your forms. Qualified businesses receive 100 validation credits to try before you buy.

Review Fraud Check Documentation

View or download a description of the required input parameters and response data provided. Together with the technical information needed to integrate the fraud check scoring service, the API documentation provides a detailed description of each request and response data field. In addition, an example api call and error descriptions are also included.

To use Fraud Check phone intelligence, create a RealValidation account. In addition to fraud scoring, you will have access to our entire suite of phone data services. As well as our awesome customer service – sign up here. Still have questions? Give us a call without delay at 800.777.2770. We are happy to talk to you about your specific use case.

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