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DNC Lookup API uses GET/POST methods and supports only HTTPS with TLS v1.2+. Determines if the phone number is present on national, state, or Direct Marketing Association do not call lists. It also identifies if the phone number is a cellular phone and if the phone number is associated with a known TCPA litigator or serial plaintiff.

Before using, please make sure you have a SAN number from https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/profile/create.aspx

Required Input Parameters:

Output(OPTIONAL) set to “json” or “xml”. Omitting this defaults to XML
Phone10 numeric digits ONLY
TokenUnique PW given by RealValidation

Response Fields:

Response FieldDescription
Phone10 numeric digits ONLY
RESPONSECODE“OK” or corresponding error code – see appendix A
RESPONSEMSGBlank or corresponding error message – see Appendix A
national_dnc“Y”, “N”, “?” indicating a “yes”, “no”, or “timeout” presence on the national DNC list
state_dnc“Y”, “N”, “?” indicating a “yes”, “no”, or “timeout” presence on the state DNC list
dma“Y”, “N”, “?” indicating a “yes”, “no”, or “timeout” presence on the DMA list
litigator“Y”, “N”, “?” indicating a “yes”, “no”, or “timeout” if a known DNC litigator
Iscell“Y” means Cell phone, “N” means Landline (“V” is for VoIP if enabled on account)
IDInternal identifier

Example API Call


Result in XML

<?xml version= "1.0 " encoding= "UTF-8 "?>

Result in JSON


Appendix A:

StatusError TextDescription
-1Missing numberMissing or badly formatted number
102The user is invalidUsually for insufficient balances may contain balance information
unauthorized< blank >incorrect token or suspended account
invalid-phonePhone number does not exist

Not super techie… integrate DNC Lookup into your favorite CRM, forms, and apps using Zapier or Integrately.

DNC Lookup API Doc
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