Turbo Standard API Documentation

The RealPhoneValidation Turbo Standard API uses GET/POST methods and supports only HTTPS with TLS v1.2+. Determines connectivity in a flash, and you get the industry’s best in connect/disconnect information in about 2 seconds.

Required Input Parameters:

Output(OPTIONAL) set to “json” or “xml”. Omitting this defaults to XML
Phone10 numeric digits ONLY
TokenUnique PW given by RealValidation

Response Fields:

Response FieldDescription
Status(See Appendix A below)
Error_Text(See Appendix A below)
Phone_TypeMobile, Landline, or VoIP

Example: Connected Phone Line


Result in XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Result in JSON


Appendix A:

StatusError TextDescription
connectedTypically connected
connected-75Connected 75% of the time
pendingNot completed yet
disconnectedTypically disconnected
disconnected-70Disconnected 70% of the time
unreachableNot reachable
invalid phonePhone not valid
restrictedCan’t be dialed
ERRORbad phone number
ERRORmissing token
unauthorizedtoken is not valid
invalid-formatphone or zip are not in a valid format
invalid-phonephone number is not valid
bad-zip-codezip code is not valid
server-unavailablevarious messagesContact support

Not super techie… integrate Turbo Standard into your favorite CRM, forms, and apps using Zapier or Integrately.

Turbo Standard API Doc
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