Wireless ID API Documentation

WirelessID API uses GET/POST methods and supports only HTTPS with TLS v1.2+. The service returns the accurate results of landline or wireless that can be relied upon for TCPA compliance.

Required Input Parameters:

Output(OPTIONAL) set to “json” or “xml”. Omitting this defaults to XML
Phone10 numeric digits ONLY
TokenUnique PW given by RealValidation

Response Fields:

Response FieldDescription
ResponseCode(See Appendix A below)
ResponseMsg(See Appendix A below)

Example: Wireless


Result in XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Result in JSON


Appendix A:

Response CodeResponse MessageDescription
landlineNormal Hardline Phone
cellMobile/Cellular Phone
-1missing phone numberPhone number not submitted
-1bad-phonePhone number is not valid in the USA
-1invalid formatPhone number must be 10 digits
-1unauthorizedYour token is not active
-1server-unavailableServer cannot be contacted at the moment

Not super techie… integrate Wireless ID into your favorite CRM, forms, and apps using Zapier or Integrately.

Wireless ID API Doc
Wireless ID API 060222

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