Your Current Phone Validation Services are Costing You Money

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Your Current Phone Validation Services are Costing You Money

The seriousness of validating leads cannot be overstated.  A company’s contact list is one of its most valuable resources linking viable prospects and probable long-lost customers to the products and services of the business.  Reaching prospective clients is only possible if the current list is a good one and that precious time, effort, and other resources are not wasted chasing down bogus phone numbers.  Using phone validation services is the only true way to ensure that the list of leads that you have is worth pursuing.  If you are currently using one, you are ahead of the game.  However, how do you know you are getting what you are paying for?
Perhaps a better question is: Did you know that the service you are currently using is costing you more money in lost good leads than you could imagine?
Validation of leads is such an important task that smart businesses and lead generating services use them on a regular basis.  Some of these phone validation services have prices that can range from $0.01 (a very basic check) to $0.16 and higher for very detailed checks that come on long term subscriptions.  These prices are in addition to activation fees and many require either a year of payment or month-to-month contracts.  While this structure is considered standard throughout the phone data validation industry, what isn’t standard is what each validation service company provides.   Some companies promise to validate your list of leads and provide you with an accuracy rate of about 75%.  That has simply been the industry standard for a long time.  But that 75% accuracy knocks out a whole ton of your good data, which you end up selling at a considerable discount on the network.

The main loss on this data is the heavily troubled phone connectivity flag.  Whereas the name-phone match data you purchase may be best in class, RealPhoneValidation gives you 98% accuracy on determining the status of the phone line, making sure your name-phone match service doesn’t push the good data to the wrong pool, improving your ROI and driving your customers ROI at the same time (and eliminating a major return cause).  Those 30% of your ‘bad’ lead pool that were actually good leads can then proceed to be sold at the usual 50-100% markup over the network sale price, and you should see a nice bump in your returns.

Phone validation of contact lists is important across several industry lines.  Lead generators have a reputation to uphold as list providers.  Insurance, finance, and other companies depend on accurate lists for keeping their customer data up to date; and call centers and marketing companies require accurate contact lists to prosper in the current business environment.  Knowing the status of these lines is an industry wide problem that has only been met with the same hammer used to match name and phone.  Real line status identification is a new tool in the chest.

RealPhoneValidation is a telephony solutions company providing answers for you in telephony validation, append services, and compliance solutions.  We are here to give you the real information on your contacts.

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