Why Monitor Contact Data Quality?

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Why Monitor Contact Data Quality? 

RealPhoneValidation - contact data qualityThere sure is a lot of data out there, and nowadays there’s lots of ways to collect it. Your database is probably home to data you’ve bought in from providers, as well as information from your past customers.  But in order to make the most of this valuable data you need to make sure it’s got integrity i.e. that it’s non-replicated, up-to date and accurate. Basically your data needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure contact data quality.

Things change, people move, swap jobs, and phone lines get disconnected. That’s why your contact data quality needs to be constantly monitored so that you can keep on track of your customers’ contact-ability, and ensure you’re marketing to prospects worthy of your attention. Without a healthy database of prospects to sell even your best sales efforts will fall flat.

You’re probably sitting on a heap of bad contact data

According to Sirius Decisions 80% of companies have ‘risky’ phone contact data, while a NetProspex report  2013 State of Marketing Data found that 64% of companies had unreliable data, and 61% of companies surveyed said 35% of their records were ‘incomplete’. So you have data you simply can’t use and data which involves your sales team in spending a precious time chasing worthless leads.

Give your data a regular check up with Real Phone Validation

RealPhoneValidation can help give your data a health check and ongoing maintenance, ridding your database of disconnects, appending and matching information where it’s needed. A thorough health check will identify record completeness and keep records up to date – so you can maintain a strong revenue pipeline. Whether you’re in business selling or buying leads RealPhoneValidation can eliminate your bad phone data to a level which is way in advance of current industry standards. In fact we can guarantee to get you accuracy rates of 98%.

New TCPA rules make it a legal requirement to get your house in order – data-wise

It makes business sense to develop a strategic plan when it comes to data hygiene, since putting off data cleaning will directly impact on your bottom line. Not only is it sensible, but there are some checks you have to do by law. The FCC have made it a legal requirement to check whether the numbers you are calling are landline or mobile and you need to do this every 15 days.

This is because on October 16, 2013 new TCPA rules came in making it illegal to auto-dial mobile numbers unless you have been given written permission to do so, and kept this proof on file. And this even applies to customers who’ve done business with you before.

We can set you straight on legal compliance

RealPhoneValidation can also dig deep to give you append solutions so that you can upgrade to a higher level of contact accuracy, while our TCPA Compliance solutions are everything you need to ensure you’re operating legally. Find out exactly how high quality the data you have is and fix it if need be. Make sure you are only sending outbound communications to the right legal prospects with RealPhoneValidation.

Start monitoring your contact data quality today.