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phone-checklistRealPhoneValidation – TCPA Compliance Service

The arrival of tighter telemarketing regulations means you need to take swift action or face the prospect of hefty fines. The FCC has implemented new rules governing how you can legally make calls to your prospects. It will no longer be permissible to auto-dial mobile phones – and this even applies to your previous purchasers – without the line owners having given you express written consent beforehand. These TCPA regulations mean you need to rethink your marketing strategies and come up with new ways of ensuring you can still approach valuable leads without breaking the new TCPA regulations – particularly the wireless dialing rules.  It’s not little telemarketing firms that are getting hit, national brands like Guess, Inc. are getting hit now as well. It’s never been so important to find a solution to help you identify and validate your phone leads – in a way which doesn’t involve you having to face disruptive marketing downtime.

RealPhoneValidation gets you the increased accuracy demanded by TCPA law – in real time

Using RealPhoneValidation as your TCPA compliance service will help you keep your marketing campaigns on track by providing the most accurate wireless identification service, as well as the most accurate phone connect/disconnect service, and phone to name matching as well. With the TCPA rules, however, we decided to customize this popular phone validation service so that customers can get the lightning quick verification process currently required. For proven results in real time RealPhoneValidation will put you ahead of the game when it comes to establishing which of your prospects are worth calling.

Critical information at your fingertips – before you call

RealPhoneValidation can help you scrub your leads lists and eliminate bad data. It can tell you instantaneously whether lines are connected or out of action so you can concentrate on following up only genuine leads – the ones which give you the best chance of a sale. RealPhoneValidation can tell you whether a lead is a landline or wireless number. This is something you need to know before attempting to communicate with a prospect, since you will be fined for any attempt to pass on marketing information to mobile numbers. You can still contact landline numbers via an auto-dialer, but only for informational purposes. RealPhoneValidation is easy to implement as your TCPA compliance service, and can fit your phone data, marketing, compliance, and servicing needs.  Need real phone data? Turn to RealPhoneValidation.