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Every year in the United States over 35 million telephone numbers are disconnected and reassigned to new subscribers.

Many times the reassignment happens within a very short time, sometimes within just a few days. That means the telephone number that you called last week with express consent may belong to someone else today. And, although the number transferred to a new subscriber, your consent to contact the prior subscriber does not transfer to the new subscriber. Yikes!

What this means for you..

If you call the new subscriber in error, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act you could be liable for $500 to $1,500 per call. In the instants of a class action lawsuits, liability could be much, much, higher.

Sounds scary but no worries friends

The FCC has created the Reassigned Number Database as a solution to right party verification. The database is the official and only resource for organizations to check telephone numbers and to verify the numbers still belong to the right parties. RealPhoneValidation is your link to making the reassigned number checks as simple as possible.

How the reassigned numbers database works

Once a month ALL US phone carriers are required to supply their list of disconnected phone numbers to the database administrator. RealPhoneValidation’s reassigned number lookup provides you access to the FCC database. By providing a 10 digit number and the last date you received consent to contact the consumer at that number you can easily determine if that number has been reassigned after that date.

Why should I verify right party before calling?

The simple answer is the Safe Harbor. The Federal Communications Commission has created a “safe harbor” for businesses that use the database—if you call a reassigned number after checking the database and receiving a response other than disconnected (because the number had not yet been reported as disconnected by the phone carrier) you are safe from TCPA liability for that telephone call. This is the FCC’s way of protecting well meaning organizations from the surge of TCPA lawsuits against those that are doing their due diligence.

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