Bulk Phone Number Validation

RealValidation offers drag and drop batch / bulk phone number validation for lists in our customer portal. For large lists (>100,000) an FTP service is available.
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RPV Turbo

RPV Turbo the most accurate real-time phone validation available. Provides: Connected/Disconnected, Phone Type (landline, cell, VoIP), and Carrier ID.

US only.
View RPV Turbo batch documentation

RPV Scrub

RPV Scrub is the best validation option for list providers, data companies, and organizations with large list / databases and tight budgets. Provides: Connected/Disconnected. Optional add-on services: Carrier ID & Wireless ID.
US only.
View RPV Scrub batch documentation

RPV US Premium

RPV US Premium is the best validation option for users checking mostly mobile numbers. We start with RPV Turbo (see above) and enhance with additional scrutiny of mobile numbers for maximum accuracy. Seamlessly integrates into webforms & apps. May be used in-line or batch applications. Provides: Connected/Disconnected, Phone Type (landline, cell, VoIP), & Carrier ID
US only.
View RPV US Premium batch documentation

RPV Active

RPV Active determines the basic usability of a phone number. This means the phone number is active on a “still in business” phone service provider. Not to be confused with if a phone is “connected” to an actual customer. For “connected” info, use Turbo or Scrub.
US only.
View RPV Active batch documentation

Wireless ID

Wireless ID identifies if the number is a cell phone. Great for staying TCPA compliant.
US only
View Wireless ID batch documentation

Phone Carrier Lookup

Phone Carrier Lookup identifies phone carrier and phone line type (landline, wireless, or VoIP).
US only
View Phone Carrier Lookup batch documentation

DNC Lookup

Determines if the number is on national, state, or Direct Marketing Association Do Not Call lists. It also identifies if the phone is a cell phone.
US only
View DNC Lookup batch documentation

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