Landline or Cell Phone?

Wireless ID – Phone Type Lookup


RealPhoneValidation Wireless ID offers a fast and cost effective way to determine if a phone number is a landline or cell. Our simple tool allows you to identify phone line type before calling or texting.

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  • Example number format (727) 400-3253

Reach the Right People through the Right Channels

Using Wireless ID – Phone Type Lookup allows businesses to decide which communication channel to choose when contacting their customer or prospect. Identifying if a phone number is a landline or cell before placing the call or SMS can save money and increase the effectiveness of your communications.

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Looking for more detail about your phone list than just landline or cell?

Our Phone Number Validation includes connected/disconnected, caller ID, carrier, and phone line type. Check out our Phone Validator tool >>>

Stay in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by scrubbing your phone list against the DNC registry. Check out Do Not Call list scrubbing tool >>>

Phone type lookup identifies if a phone numbers is a landline or cell

Wireless ID is available as an API or Batch Phone Type Lookup Service