Phone Validator – Identify Connected/Disconnected, Phone Type, & Carrier ID

Phone Number Validator Tool

  • Try up to 5 phone number validation requests with our phone validator tool.

  • Example number format (727) 400-3253

Use Phone Validator in real-time via API or Bulk for phone list validation

We help businesses improve the quality of their phone data by identifying connection status (connected/disconnected), phone type, & carrier ID


Phone Number Validator Tool FAQ

Customers who use the RealPhoneValidation Phone Number Validator tool are interested in the following information:

If you only have a few numbers to validate use the Phone Number Validator tool above. If you would like to validate numbers in batch or via API sign-up for a RPV account.

You submit a number or batch of numbers and RPV uses live telco data to verify and validate phone numbers in real-time.
RPV identifies the active status of a phone number by returning connected/disconnected. It also returns line type (landline or cell), and carrier name, caller ID (if available). If you only need the connected/disconnected disposition try RPV Scrub.
By accessing live telco data RPV returns the most recent carrier information.
When you validate phone number using the RPV API or batch phonevalidator service the connected/disconnected status of the number will tell you if the number is real and contactable. RPV phone validator also returns line type (landline or cell), and carrier ID.
Check if phone number is active using RPV phone number validator tool

How to use RealPhoneValidation’s Phone Validator

  • Login to the customer portal

    If you don’t have an account yet start one here.

  • Navigate to the Validation tab

    The validation tab can be reached from the menu on the left or the icon on the top of the page

  • Select RPV Turbo

    RPV Turbo is located in the Select Validation Method dropdown menu

  • Review the file submission guidelines below the dropdown

    For complete Phone Validation documentation see RPV Turbo API or batch instructions.

  • Submit file

    You can select choose file and browser for your file or simply drag and drop

How to use phone validation tool
  • Validated file will be emailed to you

    Files are processed as received. Depending on volume your file should be returned anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. If you do not receive your file after 30 minutes please check your spam folder and whitelist to ensure you receive files in the future.

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