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Use Real Phone Validation in your Salesforce account

Validate Phone Numbers in Salesforce

Many of our customers have asked for a way to validate phone numbers from within their Salesforce account. We get it - Salesforce is the glue that keeps your businesses data together. Managing the quality of the data captured within Salesforce is an ongoing task and can deeply impact the performance of your organization.

Install Salesforce Phone Validation App

Lightning or Classic – One Number at a Time or in Batches

The Phone Validation app was developed to be simple to use out of the box, yet customizable for Salesforce power users. The user interface allows you to check one number at a time in list or detail views or perform batch validation of your entire Salesforce database at once.
Phone Validation in Salesforce list view

Example of list view with phone validation.

View the Salesforce Phone Number Validation App installation guide here >>>

How to get started validating phone numbers in Salesforce

  • Create a RealPhoneValidation account

    The Salesforce Phone Validation app requires a RealPhoneValidation account start one here. This is where you will find your API token and fund your account. We provide 100 credits so you can test the service before making a commitment.

  • Login to your Salesforce account

    Go to the Salesforce AppExchange and install the Phone Validation app. You can find the installation guide here.

  • Get started validating

    If you are using Lightning follow this user’s guide. If you are a Classic user instructions are here.

  • Fund your account

    After you have used your testing credits you will want to fund your account. Login to your account and add your credit card information. BEST PRACTICE: turn on auto recharge to avoid running out of credit and having to continue to login and manually fund your account.

Start validating phone numbers from within your Salesforce account

Sign-up for Real Phone Validation Now!

We will start you off with 100 phone validation credits – there is no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required.

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