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RealPhoneValidation seamlessly integrates into your web forms, CRM, and apps allowing you to check if phone number is active and connected before accepting the number or making the call.

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Benefits of Validating Phone Numbers

  • Maximize earning opportunities.

    Avoid unnecessary cost and misspent effort by only working with valid contactable numbers.

  • Identify line type.

    Knowing if the number is a landline or cell lets you take the proper approach when communicating, stay in compliance, and mitigate risks connected with telephone violations.

  • Increase business productivity.

    Identify invalid numbers before sales efforts, customer service or marketing activities take place.

  • Discover important facts.

    Approve or reject questionable submissions by checking the carrier name and flagging prepaid carriers.

  • Improve user experience.

    Give your customer or prospect a chance to fix typos or phone numbers that have been mis-entered.

  • Cleanse existing data.

    Just because the number was valid 6 months ago doesn’t mean it is still contactable today. Improve ROI by removing incorrect and outdated data.

RPV Phone Number Validator Service

Validate Phone Numbers in Batches or One at a Time

The RPV phone number validation service is an easy to use and highly accurate tool that verifies the connect status (connected / disconnected) of any landline, mobile, or VOIP telephone number.
Whether you’re cleansing a phone list for invalid numbers or checking customer details in real-time during the sign up process we are here to make the process seamless. Quickly validate phone numbers by integrating your webforms and apps via API, or submit batch files using a simple drag and drop interface by logging into the customer portal.

Focus on real customers at each stage of the sales funnel by removing the disconnect and unreachable numbers.

Is it a landline, mobile, or VOIP number? Having that information before you make contact let’s you know which kind of communications users can accept.

Identify phones that have recently been ported from landline to wireless numbers and stay TCPA compliant.

Why is Phone Number Validation Important?

91% of businesses and organizations suffer from data errors including accepting inaccurate information at the point of collection and outdated information due to data decay. 77% believe their net profit is negatively affected by invalid and out of date contact information.

Phone number validation can help you avoid misdirected efforts and unnecessary expenses. By checking for invalid phone numbers at time of entry or before starting a new campaign you are able to save man hours later when the calls are being made. In advance of your efforts is the best time to discover invalid phone numbers being submitted in your webforms or lurking in your database. Invalid phone numbers should be removed as they are collected and identified instead of during the marketing, sales, or support cycles.

Validating phone numbers can save companies time and money.

Why We Started Real Phone Validation

VOISYS was the test lab for our phone number validation service

Real Phone Validation started out as VOISYS an internet lead generation company. As the internet grew we noticed a degradation in the quality of the information being gathered. Striving to provide our customers with the best data possible we began experimenting with the validation process.

Our internet lead gen business became the test lab for data validation services that would “Make Our Data Better”. With all of the experimentation we performed, it quickly became evident that the most important element provided in the lead data was a contactable valid phone number. Existing phone validation services (and we tried them all) relied on database searches and did not provide us the accuracy we were looking for.

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