A Database Is Like a… Restaurant

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No matter what initial safeguards and rules are put into place for the things, something will inevitably result in bad data. This bad data will then result in varying degrees of mayhem as poorly-informed decisions and inaccurate measurements of all sorts occur. You may feel that abating these problems is a monstrously daunting task. If you approach it the wrong … Read More

TCPA Roundup – Robotexts, TrueBlue, Neiman Marcus

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After two years of litigation TrueBlue, Inc a workforce staffing company reaches a settlement agreement in with 1,948 class action members that continued to receive messaging after unsubscribing. TrueBlue also agreed to stop sending automated calls and texts after unsubscribe requests. Read more.. Caribbean Cruise Line settles class-action lawsuit for up to $76 million after making millions of robocalls and … Read More

Admit it – You have Data Quality Problems!

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Data quality problems

If the performance of your recent marketing campaigns has left you deflated take solace from the fact that it’s not necessarily due to your poor planning. It could well be the quality of your data that’s letting you down. So, if you want to increase your prospects of getting a good return on marketing budget it’s time to get your house … Read More