Admit it – You have Data Quality Problems!

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Data quality problems

If the performance of your recent marketing campaigns has left you deflated take solace from the fact that it’s not necessarily due to your poor planning. It could well be the quality of your data that’s letting you down. So, if you want to increase your prospects of getting a good return on your marketing budget it’s time to get … Read More

1-10-100 – The Cost of Doing Nothing

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This article was originally published on April 18, 2016 in Linkedin’s Pulse. The 1-10-100 rule was developed by George Labovitz and Yu Sang Chang in 1992 and is widely used as a tool to describe efficiency. The rule is relevant to many situations, both business and personal, as long as they involve the question of data quality and the cost of … Read More

Simply Warehousing Big Data is not the Answer

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Simply Warehousing Big Data is not the Answer You’ve probably amassed a great deal of data which has come at you in any number of ways – from bought-in lists, leads generated from the internet or phone, as well as having lots of existing data in your database. And while theoretically it’s a good thing to have more customer and … Read More

Big Data Should and Can Be Connected Data

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Big Data should and Can Be Connected Data It’s tough making those all-important marketing connections these days. There’s so much data coming at us from so many different directions organizing it looks like an ever more daunting prospect. But, in order to create effective marketing campaigns, generate leads and adopt the best customer services techniques you need to be able … Read More

Embrace Big Data and Outperform your Competitors

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Embrace Big Data and Outperform your Competitors Search the big data hashtag on Twitter (#bigdata) and you’ll find there are up to 50 posts per minute, proving it’s a subject that’s still on everyone’s mind. Which is unsurprising when you consider that companies who successfully manage their big data are predicted to outperform those that don’t by 20% over the … Read More

Why Focus Resources on Improving Data Quality?

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Why Focus Resources on Improving Data Quality? In a recent survey, more than 60% of IT and business professionals estimated the quality of their data as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. While this might seem like positive news, looked at the other way it actually means that more than a third of those surveyed felt their data was less than satisfactory. … Read More