Simply Warehousing Big Data is not the Answer

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Simply Warehousing Big Data is not the Answer

Simply Warehousing Big Data is not the AnswerYou’ve probably amassed a great deal of data which has come at you in any number of ways – from bought-in lists, leads generated from the internet or phone, as well as having lots of existing data in your database. And while theoretically it’s a good thing to have more customer and prospect data, it’s a mistake to simply see your big data as an inventory that can be left idling in a warehouse.

Without making proper use of the data you hold it won’t add value to your business.

The old ways of handling data are over and new ways are required to sort it into a meaningful resource pool. In order to make your data work for you it’s essential to source the right applications that can bring it all together and make it actionable.

Use RealPhoneValidation to identify disconnected phone numbers and make your data work for you

  • RealPhoneValidation uses state of the art telephony technology to sort your data in terms of connects and disconnects. With a 98% accuracy rate, RPV significantly outperforms the current industry standard of 75%, leaving you with an actionable list of real, connected prospects to call.
  • RealPhoneValidation can be performed via batch processing, or in real time. Our new super-quick services, RPV Throttle and RPV Turbo, like their names suggest, get you results in a flash.
  • While other platforms offer you a way to focus simply on lead quality RealPhoneValidation can not only scrub your lists in real time, it can also dig deep to get you the lowdown on definitive, actionable intelligence on phone connectivity.
  • Phone Append, from RealPhoneValidation, way outperforms market standards, allowing you to add up-to-date, permission-based information to your database of customer prospects thus increasing your marketing options and customer retention benefits. We use analytics and predictive modeling techniques to can get the highest number of accurate appends and a big improvement on current match rates.

RealPhoneValidation services allow you to use data to execute plans – not just analyze

Your data holds valuable information about your customers and prospects, but simply analyzing it exhaustively for boardroom purposes won’t get you an ROI from it, or increase your bottom line. RealPhoneValidation offers you a way to turn your precious pool of information into a lucrative resource – cost-effectively and without having to shell out a significant investment.

Using RealPhoneValidation and Phone Append together gets you more accurate data so that you can realize a higher return on all of the data you have collected.

Get the most out of your data with Real Phone Validaion.

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