Big Data Should and Can Be Connected Data

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Big Data should and Can Be Connected Data

Big data should be connected dataIt’s tough making those all-important marketing connections these days. There’s so much data coming at us from so many different directions organizing it looks like an ever more daunting prospect. But, in order to create effective marketing campaigns, generate leads and adopt the best customer services techniques you need to be able to get the big picture on your big data.

This means finding a way of pulling together disparate data and making sure it’s up to date, accurate and useable so you can use it efficiently to contact the right prospects.

RealValidation – a new way to manage your data

  • Adopting RealPhoneValidation as a routine part of your data processes means you don’t need to hire new talent, manage a huge database or purchase expensive tools to manage your data. RPV will cost-effectively transform all your data into an efficient pool of information that you can use to focus your marketing efforts.
  • Big data is a living, fast-moving entity, and RPV offers you an opportunity to keep up to date with changes in real time, meaning you can dip into it and get actionable results from it. RealPhoneValidation allows you to find disconnects in real time and re-contact people who enter bad data.
  • RealPhoneValidation can also be used to batch process – useful if you have lots of data to sort. It’s an efficient and effective way to accurately identify all of the disconnected lines in your customer and prospect files.
  • RealPhoneValidation outperforms the industry standard of 75%, getting you accuracy rates of up to 98%, saving you big time on lost calls.
  • You can also take advantage of our industry-leading append service, giving you the highest rate of matches in the business.
  • Take advantage of our other RealPhoneValidation services to make sure you stay connected. These include Reverse Phone Lookup, Phone Verification and Wireless/Landline Swap, an innovative new tool that allows you to swap a contact’s mobile number for a landline. This means you can stay in touch with contacts without breaking TCPA rules.

In a multi-channel world we need something to bring disconnected data together and stay connected to our customers and connect with real prospects. This is where Real Phone Validation could be your secret weapon.

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