Embrace Big Data and Outperform your Competitors

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Embrace Big Data and Outperform your Competitors

Embrace big dataSearch the big data hashtag on Twitter (#bigdata) and you’ll find there are up to 50 posts per minute, proving it’s a subject that’s still on everyone’s mind. Which is unsurprising when you consider that companies who successfully manage their big data are predicted to outperform those that don’t by 20% over the coming years.

But if recent research is right most won’t be taking up the gauntlet thrown down by big data just yet. Gartner has suggested that by 2015, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will still be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage. It seems the explosion in data in terms of volume, velocity and variety has been just too mind-boggling for many.

But there are ways to take control. Adopting the right automated processes can help you make sense of and manage your big data, so you can identify the right customers and approach the right prospects with the right offers – cost-efficiently.

Real Phone Validation will help you deliver value and ROI from big data

Real Phone Validation is an essential tool that ensures you’re working with accurate, up to date phone data. It can tell you in real-time whether a number is connected or disconnected up to an impressive 98% accuracy – that’s far and away above the 75% industry standard.

RPV can help you conduct effective telemarketing campaigns, improve customer service and strengthen your brand. Incorporating RealPhoneValidation into your routine processes means you can avoid losing touch with existing customers and increase the overall reliability of contact information on your customer and prospect database.

There are now three delivery speeds to select from (none of them slow)

  • Standard, which takes just 10 seconds or so to verify a line’s connectivity. You can use this for contact validation, to segment financial information, refresh lists, make sure you’re TCPA compliant and more. This is ideal if you have lots of data to validate.
  • RPV Turbo, which can establish connectivity in a flash – this is for those of you in a hurry getting you results back in under 2 seconds.
  • RPV Throttle takes the standard RPV product and combines it with RPV Turbo to get you a premium level of connect/disconnect accuracy – in a time specified by you.

Quickly identify customers who matter the most

RealPhoneValidation services allow you to keep in touch with valuable customers. Without RPV you’ll never know whether they’ve changed their phone number – potentially losing you a lucrative long term client. RPV will also save you the time and effort of chasing bogus leads, allowing you to concentrate on contacting real prospects. All of which means you can safely stay one step ahead of the competition.

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