Why Focus Resources on Improving Data Quality?

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Why Focus Resources on Improving Data Quality?

improving data qualityIn a recent survey, more than 60% of IT and business professionals estimated the quality of their data as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. While this might seem like positive news, looked at the other way it actually means that more than a third of those surveyed felt their data was less than satisfactory. 40% of the respondents also said their companies didn’t have any data management plans in place although most strongly believed improving data quality will be an area to focus on in the coming years.

Should data quality be an imperative issue? One to throw time, money and effort at? Skeptics caution against ‘too much’ data quality, believing it could even impede progress. For them, spending inordinate amounts of time managing data quality could lose organizations the ability to react quickly to change.

However unless companies act to sort out data issues they will undoubtedly continue to feel its adverse effect on their operations. From ‘duplicate billing’ and undeliverable reminder letters to the wasted time and money spent trying to contact disconnected leads and ‘gone-aways’, bad data always negatively impacts the bottom line.

Improve data quality by identifying disconnected phone numbers with RealValidation services

  • RealPhoneValidation is a tool, which tells you whether the lines you’re about to ring are disconnected. In fact this tool sets the standard when it comes to automated scrubbing of disconnected phone lines in real time. When you consider that around 30% of lines on your lists are likely to be disconnects, not doing something about it will cost you a significant amount in wasted sales calls.
  • RealPhoneValidation can also determine whether you’re holding mobile or landline numbers. And having this type of information at your fingertips is crucial to prevent you auto-dialing cellphone numbers – something which is now outlawed under new TCPA rules.

Control your data quality right here, right now – cost-effectively

Only when your data is up to date and valid can you proceed confidently and make the right decisions based on sound business intelligence. Improve your data quality and you will gain not only the gratitude of your sales team but many more new customers.

And you don’t need to devote a large proportion of your budget to get better quality data. Plus, the service fits seamlessly into your operation.

Simple, inexpensive, effective – now there’s no excuse to delay tackling your data quality.

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